Polycarbonate Durable Polycarbonate Material
LED Multicolor LEDs
Accelorometer Accelerometer
Bluetooth Bluetooth LE
Battery Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery
Mug Integrated Fluid Detection
Built in Social Media Connectivity
API Open API for Developers
Smartphone ePint App for iOS and Android
Waterproof Waterproof

The ePint Mobile App

Plug Your Mug
  • ePint App coming soon for iOS and Android
  • Syncs with your sports teams. Scoring and redzone alerts. ePint will wear your team's colors when they score
  • Detects ePint activity and links to the Internet of Things. Control your ePint when things you care about happen
  • Play drinking Games: The Chug Contest, Musical Chairs, anything else you can think of!
  • Multiple ePint connectivity: links all ePints in your social network together
  • One app can simultaneously control multiple ePints: Light up your next party!
3 mugs

Multicolor LEDs

With multiple LEDs the ePint is capable of making millions of different colors. It has been engineered to reflect and refract light to ensure that it will have the perfect illumination at all times, regardless of the type of liquid inside. You can set scoring alerts for your favorite team and the ePint will light up in your team's colors when they score. You can also set the ePint to light up with different colors based on Internet triggered events that you can set. Have it light up red when your friend finishes another drink, or maybe you want it to turn green when someone tags you in a photo - the possibilities are endless.

Party Like it is 2015

The ePint app comes with several built in socially interactive games. By controlling multiple mugs you can play the ePint musical mugs game. Or spin the wheel and flash a random mug. Try the fabled chugging contest - no more arguing over who finished first. The ePint has a liquid detection sensor and integrated accelerometer. You will always know who is the champion.
Game day will never be the same know that you can have a room full of ePints tracking every point.

Innovative Industrial Design

The ePint is made of a durable polycarbonate material that will not break. Using Bluetooth LE and a premium rechargeable battery, the ePint will last a very long time before needing to be recharged. Connect a standard micro USB cable to quickly recharge and you are good to party. The ePint is waterproof to making cleaning a breeze. It also has a bottle opener built right into the bottom so that you will never have to worry about how to get your ePint full.

Open API

In addition to the ePint App, the Xtreme team is going to enable anyone to control and connect ePints through an open API. We want everyone to be able to create their own drinking games, the ultimate frat house app or connect with services like IFFT. Sport teams can integrate with the API and control an entire stadium of ePints, making them light up when the home team scores. Or connect to food services to signal when you need a refill. Let's light up a stadium!